DictDumper - Stream Formatted Output Dumper

The dictdumper project is an open source Python program works as a stream formatted output dumper for dict.

Currently, the module supports following formats –

  • Dumper

    Abstract base class of all dumpers.

  • JSON

    Dump JavaScript object notation (JSON) format file.


    Dump Apple property list (PLIST) format file.

  • Tree

    Dump tree-view text (TXT) format file.

  • XML

    Dump extensible markup language (XML) file; this is an abstract base class

  • VueJS

    Dump JavaScript file using Vue.js framework; this class is deprecated due to grammar error.

    Deprecated since version 0.8.0.


The XML class is an abstract base class for XML format dumpers.


The VueJS class is deprecated due to errors in grammar.

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